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November 17, 2009 / leenigen

Our Firm Making Headlines In Religious Discrimination Case

Our firm, Lee M. Nigen & Associates, P.C., has been representing the Plaintiff, an Orthodox Jew, in a religious discrimination case entitled Lampner v. Pryor Cashman, since 2007. Mr. Lampner faced an unprecedented and malicious campaign of daily religious and personal discrimination in the form of derogatory comments and demotion to lesser positions within Pryor Cashman by his supervisor, Defendant Shari Jackowitz. Mr. Lampner had worked at Defendant firm Pryor Cashman since May of 2000, and had never received a negative evaluation until January 2007 by Defendant Jackwitz. Although Pryor Cashman, in their Motion to Dismiss, depicted the harassment, such as calling the Plaintiff “Jewboy”, as a “petty inconvenience” that did not meet the burden of applicable New York discrimination laws, the Honorable Judge Knipel did not share that sentiment when he denied Pryor Cashman’s Motion for Summary Judgment and adopted the Third Department’s interpretation of new York state civil and human rights laws, namely, the Restoration Act.

Despite his immaculate evaluation history until 2007, when the subject harassment began, Defendants issued a statement in the New York Law Journal contending that “The allegations are merely an attempt to cover up an unsatisfactory employment history.”

To read the article published in the New York Law Journal, click below.

Law Journal Article on Lampner


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