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January 18, 2010 / leenigen

Celebrating Our Second Year on Court Street; Entering Our Third Decade in the Law


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Central Location

 The Law Offices of Lee M. Nigen is conveniently located in historic Brooklyn Heights.   Almost every subway line has a station near our building, and the 2, 3, 4, 5, and R trains have stations right underneath our building.   The A, C, D,  F, G, M,  N, and Q trains also stop within a few blocks of our office.

Historic Brooklyn Heights is directly opposite Lower Manhattan.  At the foot of the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge, our neighborhood is  replete with restaurants, stores, all of the Brooklyn Courts, several colleges and research libraries, a law school, and a multitude of government agencies, financial centers, and vibrant residential complexes and business centers. 

We are exactly two subway stops from Wall Street, and only minutes to Midtown Manhattan. 


Two Decades of Litigation Experience

Over the past twenty years, more than one thousand New Yorkers have entrusted our law firm to afford legal representation in a wide variety of court proceedings throughout the New York Metropolitan Area.  I have personally advised every single one of them. 


Speaking Your Language

We have developed a unique ability to listen to your legal concerns and to communicate with our clients in understandable terms–and in several languages.  I personally speak English, Spanish, Hebrew, and some French.  My firm can communicate with our clients in Yiddish as well.   We have learned to communicate in one more universal way:

We show respect and concern for clients’ feelings, time, and for the trust they place in  us.

A Local Firm, an International Clientele!

Our diverse client base includes native  New Yorkers and immigrantsand visitors from Mexico, South America, the Caribbean Basin, Europe, Africa, New Zealand and Australia, the Near East, the Far East, and almost everywhere in between.  Everyone deserves and receives dedicated, high quality, reasonably priced legal services specifically tailored to meet their needs.  Computer literate, we can communicate with you instanteously over the internet.  We attempt to return any telephone message within 24 hours.

Contact Us to Arrange a Free Consultation

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation to find out if we can assist you!  We can arrange for evening or Sunday appointments to discuss any of your legal concerns in confidence. 

Law Offices of Lee M. Nigen


Telephone:      (347) 294-0661. 


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