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Landlord/Tenant Litigation

Lee M. Nigen & Associates has had over 15 years of experience assisting clients with landlord/tenant proceedings throughout all five boroughs of the New York City area. Whether you are the subject of an eviction proceeding, or you need to evict a tenant, we can assist in all your housing needs. Those of us who own or rent homes and apartments, frequently find ourselves facing lawsuits without landlords or tenants. In New York City, several hundred thousand housing court cases are filed each year because people were either unable to avoid litigation, faced a landlord or tenant who provoked litigation, or failed to protect themselves in ways that might have kept them out of court in the first place. Some of the major issues in landlord-tenant litigation regards renting without a lease, illegal uses, problematic late fees, conditions in need of repair, and failing to issue proper notices. Educating yourself and retaining quality representation can prevent you from facing many of these legal landmines. Call us today at 347-294-0661  for your FREE consultation.

Our firm also appears regularly before administrative law judges in the context of Environmental Control Board (ECB) hearings. We have recently had a large ECB penalty reversed on appeal, a rare occurrence by any measure. Call us today for your FREE consultation. Do not delay.


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